Factors Swaying The Growth Of Marijuana

AK_47Lighting plays an important role in the growth of marijuana plant during its vegetative state. For a single plant, the lighting costs are low. In the case of a window located adjacent to the plant, a fluorescent light can prove to be the best lighting option when the sun sets. Other options that provide minimal light on and off the day include a T5, a T8 or a CFL. In the case of the absence of a window, maximum light is required for the growth of marijuana. A 250-watt light bulb, HPS bulb and MH bulb provide bright and maximum lighting to support the plant’s growth.

Temperature and humidity are among the most important factors that influence the growth of marijuana. The temperature during the day should be around 68 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit and during the night it should drop down by 15 degrees. A relatively dry environment has to be maintained around the plant. Dry atmospheres allow easy and quick respiration by removing the moisture from marijuana leaves. This offers a better environment to support the plant’s growth. But if the temperature is too warm along with a completely dry environment it deprives the plant of its healthy growth. Strike a right balance between temperature and humidity to optimize growth.

new-moms-a6The quality of water and process of watering are the other prime aspects that support the growth of marijuana. Chlorinated water is not suited for marijuana plants. The water has to be treated with anti-chlorine drops before use. Water used should be brought down to room temperature as ice-cold water brings lethal shocks to the plant. The quantity of water used also plays a crucial role. For plants growing in three gallons of soil, three quarts of water are required. The moisture has to be evenly maintained in the soil. Overwatering is a serious concern when plants are constantly watered without a proper need.

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