From Germination To Harvesting The Marijuana

visitadores5_blog_cdnOnce all the prerequisites are met and the seeds are purchased, it’s time to begin the germination. Simple and effective germination steps contribute to the maximum growth potential of the marijuana plant. Transfer the seed and cover it completely with a quarter inch to half inch soil. The soil should be moist. It has to be maintained at 75-degree temperature. After 3 to 7 days’ tiny sprout arises. After germination of many seeds in the same format, it has to be planted into the soil. Soil should remain moist but never completely wet. Once they are planted they require maximum light to promote growth.

Following germination, the vegetative stage begins when branches and leaves are formed and the plant continues to grow in height. The stem becomes extremely thick. The vegetative phase for a single plant lasts for 30 days. Leaves by the process of photosynthesis absorb energy from the sunlight and contributes to flowering stage of the plant. During the flowering stage of the plant, it requires 12 hours of uninterrupted sunlight or lamp light and 12 hours of complete darkness to attain maximum growth. The flowering stage takes place for about 8 to 10 weeks until the plant is ready for the harvest.

Harvesting-Marijuana-300x300Harvesting is carried out by eliminating the buds and the leaves curling around the marijuana plant. Curing is the next vital step that follows immediately after harvest. The plant has to be dried by allowing it to be hung upside down in a cool, dry room for days together. Once the plant is dried it has to be stored in sterile glass jars with tightly closed lids. The air that is present in the jar initiates the curing process. Mold growth occurs during curing which can be prevented by keeping the jars dry. Distinct aroma and texture developed in marijuana indicate the completion of curing.

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