Vital Factors That Boost Growth Of Marijuana

healthChoosing the right containers assure optimum growth of the marijuana plant. A fabric breathable pot with six inches across in dimension would be an ideal choice. Pots made out of plastic and clay are the other options available. Make sure pots have enough drainage holes to let out excess water. Bigger the pot size, greater the growth of the plant. Transplanting is a delicate process which involves utmost care and enough planning. Transfer the germinated seed from one container to another large container that is pre-prepared with soil, by tapping it upside down until both the plant and the soil pops out.

An organic potting soil is always an ideal medium to support the growth of the marijuana. Other growing mediums that work well with marijuana are peat, coco or sphagnum. The chosen medium should allow enough oxygen to reach the roots of the plant. It should also contain humus. Organic soils have some amount of added nutrients in it. Such soils provide ample nutrients to the plant until it reaches the flowering stage. The soil has to be sterilized before use to eradicate parasites. An ideal soil medium should contain a balanced pH level. Highly acidic medium fails to thrive the marijuana plants.

636033287208135824-Surterra-20Using too many fertilizers and nutrients results in burning of the plants. Nutrient burn in the plant is said to have negative health effects, so it is ideal to avoid them by using required amount of nutrients. Nutrients should be fed minimally to the plant only after three weeks. In the initial stages, dilution of the fertilizer before use prevents nutrient burn in the plants. The soil turns acidic on the addition of fertilizer which can affect the growth of the plant. Continue to monitor the pH level of the soil. Organic worm castings are healthier options for the growth of marijuana plants.

Steps For Keeping The Nutrients Balanced

To enable optimum growth in marijuana, the nutrient supply has to be lighter right from the beginning. Nutrient burn is one of the prominent issues that surpasses when an overabundance of nutrients is provided to the marijuana plant. The roots of the marijuana plant absorb excessive nutrients which result in the nutrient burn. Owing to the nutrient burn the tips of the leaves turn yellow or brown. The tips also appear burnt. It further progresses to curled and crunchy appearance of the leaves. Excess potassium results in the spotting of leaves around the edges and excess nitrogen causes downward curling of the leaves.

Choose the right amount of nutrients for every specific growth period. Plants consume water based on their growing conditions like temperature and humidity. Owing to high humidity, when a plant consumes more water that is overloaded with nutrients it results in a nutrient burn. On seeing the first sign of nutrient burn, supply the marijuana plant with pure water and allow it to utilize nutrients from the soil. Do not add extra nutrients to the water. A pure pH water thins out nutrients and prevents nutrient burn. This helps in recovery from the nutrient burn and also prevents its recurrence in new leaves.

s91tpPHThe nutrient requirements vary during the vegetative and flowering stage. Flowering is the second stage in the marijuana plant which requires enough nutrients as well as it is susceptible to irreversible damage. Marijuana plants thus require more focused attention and gentle care during the flowering stage right before the harvest. A balanced nutrient supply is always better than a sudden overload. Make sure to take right precautions at the first indication of nutrient burn. Plants with high resilience are less susceptible to diseases, nutrient dearth, pest infestation and environmental stress. So choose the best marijuana seeds from a trustworthy plant dealer.

Keeping The Temperature And Humidity Optimum

7674344_home-grow-or-no-go_6a86267b_mTemperature fluctuations have an adverse effect on the growth of marijuana plants. Both higher temperature and excessive humidity bring about signs of stress in the marijuana leaves. The leaves turn yellow or brown with spots and burns exploding up. Owing to a very high temperature, the leaves closest to the light source gets burnt or curls upwards. Higher the humidity greater the dehydration in marijuana plants. The plant growth slows down at this level. Taking the right preventive measures solves the problem at the beginning stage. Allowing proper ventilation into the growing room is the right key to solving such environment-related issues.

To maintain optimum humidity, utilization of a dehumidifier for a closed system is an ideal solution. The cold pipes of the dehumidifier condense moisture and reduces humidity levels in the room. But the use of a dehumidifier increases the temperature of the room. Adding air vents to humidifiers prevents the rise in temperature. To maintain optimum temperature, use of an air cooler proves to be a good solution as it evaporates water and cools the room. It does not increase the moisture significantly thereby offering increased efficiency during the growth of the plants. Large bulbs in the growing room emit more heat which can be removed to avoid excess heat generation.