Step By Step Basics For Growing Marijuana

leafGrowing one’s own marijuana is becoming a trend these days as it contains immense positive associations. In spite of legal issues, people want to try their hands at growing their own marijuana plants. Speculations on this plant, its sub-standard market quality, use of harmful fertilizers and superficial claims by the sellers bring in a lot of dilemma before buying marijuana. To clear such uncertainties individuals, continue to grow their own marijuana. The first step begins with choosing either an indoor or an outdoor setup that would ideally suit the growth of marijuana. Subsequent decisions on the type of strain and equipment required have to be made.

Growing marijuana is also highly fulfilling like growing other horticultural plants. Once the plant grows, a feeling of triumph comes along with it. Growing a single marijuana plant is enormously beneficial in several ways. Concentrated efforts towards a single plant make it grow much better. With one plant, legal issues reduce down. The cultivation process remains inexpensive because it reduces the number of resources, need for expensive equipment and larger growing setups. To begin with, it’s always better to grow one plant a time as it saves time and money. Also, the need for nutrients, soil, light and water to grow one marijuana plant is just minimal.

grow-weed-in-tent-300x300Now to proceed further it is important to know certain basic information about marijuana. Marijuana is also called as a flowering weed. It grows its bud only once in a year. As the sunlight begins to decline the plant starts to grow its bud. Even if the plant is grown in an indoor setup, lighting continues to influence its growth. 12 hours of exposure to light allows the plant to begin flowering. If the plant begins to flower early it would contribute to a smaller harvest. The plant takes about 45 days’ time to reach its vegetative state. The higher the sunlight, the better the flowering during the vegetative state.

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